Approximate vs Exact: Aeries™ Software Is Pre-Planning Efficiency

The Contractor Solutions specialists know that the Pre-Construction phase is important for getting a jumpstart on labor and material savings. By being able to determine the design and construction accurately, safety, productivity, and profits are raised. Now, Aeries™ BIM Electrical Software is here to provide further assistance to engineers with the installation process. By integrating Aeries™ with many of the preferred leading electrical commercial and plant design systems, engineers can work faster as well as enhance their design accuracy. We are also pleased to announce that the Aeries™ landing page is live and ready for you to check out.

Aeries™ Software is a database driven electrical design and construction system that delivers streamlined automation to every step of the installation process. Aeries™ can enhance productivity during the pre-construction design phase, streamlines design team collaboration, and reduces wasted time and materials on the jobsite. It also provides integration and workflow collaboration between job functions with many leading electrical commercial and plant design systems. It works with programs such as Autodesk™, Revit, AutoCAD, and AVEVA.

Aeries™ is divided amongst three different programs. TrayMatic™ is utilized in plant design for trays, conduits, and concrete ductbanks. This software offers an easy to learn, and easy to use, method to produce a 3D raceway design for automated cable routing. The time required to design trays and route both above, and underground, conduits is drastically reduced using the automation tools provided with the software. Major functions include:



  • Bill of Materials
  • Drawing generation automation tools
  • Automated tray tagging
  • Automated Conduit tagging
  • Automated Underground conduit cross sectioning
  • Interoperable with 3D plant design systems
  • Output for 3D clash detection; i.e. Microstation




LoadMatic™ is used to manage the load lists, develop the auxiliary bus network, and automate NEC lookups to produce Switch Gear and MCC schedules. While these features can be provided with specific, company created Excel spreadsheet load tabulations; LoadMatic™ provides a method to quickly adjust load assignments as well. This software is used in conjunction with CableMatic™ Plus for cable routing with features such as automated adjustment of wire sizes based on cable lengths. LoadMatic™ will then take the data entered by the user and automatically create One-Line diagrams and Control Wiring Diagrams. The output of the software has been designed to provide data for software that does short circuit and voltage drop analysis; i.e. ETAP. LoadMatic™ was designed to simplify the process of obtaining data from outside sources (P & ID apps).

By utilizing a Microsoft Access database, our CableMatic™ Plus program is used for cable routing and preparing cable and conduit schedules. Using Excel or our DBView spreadsheet program, the cable designer prepares a list of cables and includes the cable type, origin/destination equipment and service level restrictions. This list is often created from a load list using Excel and a wiring list created by software. This data consists of raceway name, service level, size, length and from/to. Automated cable routing uses NEC raceway fill rules to avoid overfilling the raceway. The user has an option to permit CableMatic™ to resize any raceway when the design provided by TrayMatic™ does not “lock” the size. In addition to cable routing, CableMatic™ will also record termination data.

Reporting capabilities are also offered with the CableMatic™ Plus program. Reports can be sorted and content restricted in many ways. These reports include:


CableMatic™ Plus

  • Cable Bill of Material
  • Cable schedule with automatic revision control
  • Conduit schedule with automatic revision control
  • Raceway fill including cables contained
  • Equipment including cables connected





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