Southwire Introduces Electrician’s Tools

To enhance its robust line of innovative wire and cable products and solutions, Southwire has introduced Southwire™ Electrician’s Tools. This comprehensive line of hand tools, testers and meters is manufactured with top-quality materials to ensure superior performance and durability throughout the lifecycle of the tool. The tools include added features to help enhance user productivity and are backed by strong warranties.

The impressive suite of tool products is a natural extension of Southwire’s Maxis® Contractor Equipment line, which Southwire acquired in 2009. The new unit will be led by Brandon Moss, who was recently named vice president of Southwire’s Tools & Accessories. Moss helped spearhead the rigorous product research and testing Southwire conducted while developing the new tools.

“As a leader in the wire and cable industry, we know contractors and understand the wants and needs they face daily on the jobsite,” Moss said.  “Adding Electrician’s Tools completes the product portfolio.  We now offer solutions on both ends of the spectrum, from contractor equipment to electrician’s tools and a whole range of other categories in between.”

Southwire’s Electrician’s Tools will be available in retail outlets and electrical wholesale and tools supply houses nationwide, allowing wide availability for professional contractors.  The collection consists of a full line of professional grade hand tools that includes pliers, strippers, and screw drivers, as well as a wide array of electrical meters and testers.

The Electrician’s Tools line marks the latest innovation for Southwire, long known as a company with a powerful brand in the wire and cable industry and for “real change” that empowers electrical contractors and installers.

Contractors and electricians who use Southwire products and services have come to know Southwire for its premium quality products, innovation, and performance reliability that deliver value.  They know that Southwire is in it for the long haul, and will continue to listen to their concerns and support their needs for years to come.

“Southwire has provided high quality electrical wire and cable for over six decades.  We’re proud to now tie our name to a line of durable and cutting-edge tools for the electrical industry,” states Norman Adkins, a Southwire executive vice president who oversees the company’s Electrical Division.  “Our launch advertising campaign states that our tools are ‘Built for Strength.  Built for Reliability.  Built for Work.’  We think users will agree.”

Be sure to check back in mid-August for the launch of

– Brandon Moss


  1. Richard Wolf

    sounds like a good idea. Having been an electrician for 31 years maybe you need a good man to help southwire and Brandon to market these products. I hear southwire is a good co to work for.

  2. Well, this can be a really useful post. Thanks for the knowledge you provided. Electricity has nice potential to noticeably injure and kill. Employees work directly
    with electrical instrumentation will assist you determine and develop the simplest safety solutions.

  3. Robert

    I read the company history, impressive, built by people that weathered the Great Depression, WWII, employed lots of people, developed and grew. And now they are paying the Chinese to make their tools to sell to us. They are new at marketing tools and testers. Hope they hold up. The brown color is a draw back, drop it in the dirt and you might lose it. Electrical testers have always had bright colors, easy to find, make you think about what you’re doing, bright caution colors. Pricing is higher than Ideal and Gardner Bender. First thing the contractors are asking: “where’s the Greenlee?, where’s the Klein?, what happened to the Channel Lock tools?”. Second thing they ask: Where is Southwire made? CHINA???!!! Too bad they couldn’t have built a factory in America, put Americans back to work and a big “Made in America” emblem on the packaging.

  4. David w

    My crimpers just broke making a crimp connection.
    Had them for 2 months.
    I only bought them because lowes doesn’t carry Klein or Greenlee anymore.
    They did have awesome cutting power.

  5. David w

    The company warrantied their product.
    I had 3 brand new pliers and a zipper bag on my door step.
    Thank you Southwire for replacing my 9″ crimpers.
    I also received 9″ lineman pliers & a pair of 5-in-1 multi tool pliers.
    I would like to include that the package says, “GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.”
    Thank you Southwire for going above and beyond your waranty.

  6. I’m glad to hear that your company is dedicated to selling good quality electrical equipment. I helped my dad with wire my house and know that quality tools help the job go faster. Now that I’m older I often just contract the jobs out to experienced electricians. However, I still try to have all of the tools I need just in case.

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