Southwire Completes Installation of Solar Panel Array at Thorn Customer Solutions Center

Southwire’s Thorn Customer Solutions Center is now generating renewable energy and supporting the company’s sustainability goals through the installation of a rooftop solar panel array – the culmination of a partnership with Creative Solar USA that began in November 2018.

“Southwire’s partnership with Creative Solar demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship,” said Bo Quick, Southwire’s Senior Director of Environmental. “We’re pleased with how the project turned out, and we consider our solar array as a key step toward our larger objective to reduce carbon emissions and benefit both our local community and the planet.”

Southwire bought its solar panel array as part of Solarize Carrollton-Carroll, a community-based campaign to make solar energy more affordable for local residents, businesses and non-profits.  Because of its bulk-purchasing model, more participation results in lower costs, and Southwire’s involvement triggered a rebate for all of other participants in the program.

In addition to supporting the local community and demonstrating the company’s commitment to sustainability, the project also proved Southwire’s dedication to safety.

“Southwire’s team was very professional and clear-minded throughout the entire evaluation and development of the solar project,” said Cesar Prieto, Business Development Manager for Creative Solar. “We were impressed with their very comprehensive safety protocol, which included the verification of credentials and on-site training of every member of our installations and electrical crews.”

The 124kW DC array generates approximately 170,000 kWh per year – enough energy to run 16 homes annually. A solar tree in front of the facility serves as symbol for the company’s focus on environmental stewardship now and in the future.

To learn more about the partnership with Creative Solar USA or to read the original article about this project, please visit this link on the Southwire Blog:

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