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Tweet Chat: A First for the Electrical Industry

One of the biggest business changes in recent years has been the breaking down of barriers to communication. Whether you think social media is the future, a fad or somewhere in between – it’s undeniable that companies are now expected to interact with the audiences that they serve in many new ways.

If you wanted to get in touch with a company in years past your options were pretty limited – no longer.  Likewise for companies, if you wanted to hear from your customers it was often challenging and what you heard was filtered – no longer.

The facts are undeniable and we believe the opportunities are too. In fact, it’s a major reason that Southwire started this blog and is working on so many mobile applications. Southwire is not the only company that thinks this way.  Ted Magazine recently hosted a tweet chat (a planned and moderated discussion over twitter, at and for a specific time, that is linked together using a common hashtag phrase) that really demonstrated the potential of these interactions.

The inaugural #tedchat discussion was everything that these discussions should be: interesting; honest; and unpolished (in a good way). The conversation focused on the role of electrical distributors and included both manufacturers and distributors.

We thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue and thought that there were some really great thoughts. Rob Fisher (@rfisher1228) highlighted some of the discussion here.  David Burnette (@david_burnette) from Wheatland Tube had excellent commentary both during the session and after in a thoughtful blog post here. David boldly states, “EMBRACE THE NEW TECHNOLOGY OR WITHER!”

Southwire will be following and participating in the future discussions and hope that you do the same. Ted Magazine closed the session looking for ideas for additional sessions.  What topics would you like to see discussed in future tweet chats?

– Rob Boot


  1. Congrats to Southwire for clearly adopting a plan to tackle the social media-sphere. Our company is just beginning our plans for doing the same. It will be a lot to keep up with, but it certainly has the potential to give us better direct communications (and therefore relationships) with our customers.

  2. Amanda Craven

    With the world evolving evolving every day we need to join them or we will become outdated. Southwire has accomplished this task by incorporating social media as a way to communicate. This business and social savvy is one of the reasons that Southwire has become such a successful company.

  3. Nathan W

    Communication is key for business. The more we can communicate with customers and our employee’s, the better we can deliver a product that meets everyone’s needs. It is great to see Southwire developing tools in order to meet the demand for this communication across many platforms.

    This will surely keep Southwire moving into the future and up to date, with the ever changing business culture.

  4. Shawn

    Social media has embedded itself so deeply into our society, that it would be foolish to ignore its enormous potential. If used properly, it can be a huge asset to all of us.

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